STP Weekly Recap

To highlight the variety of work that our team can handle, I am starting a #STPweeklyrecap on Friday of each week. 

This week, our team at Steffan Town Planning has worked on the following town planning matters:

- Minor Change to an existing approval for carport extensions to a commercial use;

- Minor Change to an existing Dwelling house;

- 3x Prelodgement meetings for: 6x Dual Occupancy developments, 34 townhouses with associated ROL, 1 into 3 lot subdivision;

- Dealing with several enforcement and show Cause notices;

- 5x Reconfiguration of a Lot applications;

- 4x Dwelling house applications;

- 1x Multiple Dwelling development; and

- Various responses to Information Requests.

Alex Steffan.

Rooming Accommodation uses in South East Queensland

As splitter and smaller LMR sites are becoming scarce, we've found a big increase in Rooming Accommodation developments, so much so that we've created a 'Cheat Sheet' that lists the ideal zoning, location criteria and lot size/dimension requirements for more metropolitan Council regions in South-East Queensland. Download a copy for free via the following page on our website:

Let us know if we can help you any further :)

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Changes to what is considered an 'accepted' carport in Brisbane City Council

If I made a sandwich by placing a slice of bread down then some ham and cheese followed by a piece of bread on top would you consider the ham and cheese to be between the slices of bread? If you answered with a yes... then I have news for you. Brisbane City Council (BCC) will have to disagree with you and ask for a 500mm buffer between the cheese and the bread. There is an exemption for Carports under the City Plan 2014 which states that a carport between the building and front boundary is exempt. However, this is no longer interpreted the same way as the above example as Council now requires a 500mm separation distance from the carport and the building for it to be technically 'between' and therefore accepted development. This has been at the centre of many discussions in the planning and development world as of late and it will be interesting to see if the planning scheme eventually changes to reflect this interpretation or if we will see a change in stance from BCC in the future.

Asset Outdoor Carport