What is a Rooming Accommodation?

A ‘Rooming Accommodation’ is essentially a boarding house where you can rent each individual room of a building out separately, which can significantly increase the rental value of a property. 

To break this down further, rooming accommodation is where a resident rents a room as the main place that they live in and:

  • the room is not self-contained

  • the resident does not have right to occupy the entire premises in which the room is locates

  • the resident shares facilities outside of their room with other occupants of the rooming accommodation (e.g. bathroom, kitchen, common areas, laundry)

Some examples of rooming accommodations are boarding houses, hostels and off-campus student accommodation.

There are specific rules for residents and providers/agents involved in renting rooming accommodation. Each individual Council region has their own set of rules and regulations associated with Rooming Accommodation use. 

As such, we have developed a ‘Cheat Sheet’ that gives you all the basic information to get you started looking for a ‘Rooming Accommodation’ development site. 

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