Small lot houses (new/extensions)

If your property is a ‘small lot’ then there may be a lot of requirements that you will need to adhere to in order to comply with the planning scheme. In most instances, you can avoid an approval if you are well informed of the rules and regulations prior to beginning your development. That’s where we come in.

Steffan Town Planning are able to assist you in the process and liaise directly with your architect to ensure the project has the best outcome possible and the quickest/cheapest approval.

Read on for more information on the restrictions and regulations that apply to a small lot, or give us a call on 07 3317 0042 today.

small lot house

What is a small lot?

A ‘small lot’ is generally a lot that has:

  • an area less than 450m²

  • an area less than 600m² (excluding the driveway) if a rear lot.

What are the general requirements?

  • a small lot should only be occupied by one household

  • new development is contained with a defined building envelope, which specifies requirements for the height, setbacks of the dwelling, and outcomes for built to boundary walls. For example:

    • 1m side boundary setback;

    • 6m rear boundary setback;

    • 6m front boundary setback unless the adjoining is less…etc.

  • the site coverage of buildings and structures on the lot. For example:

    • 50% where the site is 400sqm or greater;

    • 60% where the site is between 200-399sqm in size;

    • 70% where the site is between 200-299sqm in size…etc.

  • car parking requirements.

  • Building length cannot exceed 25m total.

  • Windows and balconies will need to be screened in accordance with the code.

  • The driveway access/crossover will need to be 4m (maximum).

You can review the code in full by clicking here, or, you can give us a call and we can figure it all out for you! 07 3317 0042.

Thanks to Alex, Ali & the team at Steffan - they help us ‘Rookies’ through our first development application process with patience and kindness.
— Penny Mitchell 2018