Here at Steffan Town Planning, we specialise in land development and town planning consultancy services. Our cohesive multi-disciplinary team bring a depth of local knowledge and expertise from concept right through to development approval. We have a proven track record of delivering outcomes on time and under budget for projects of all scales and types all across Brisbane and surrounding areas. 

We can also provide contacts for certification, architecture, drafting, building, surveying and engineering.

Steffan Town Planning truly is your one stop shop for all things developments and renovations.

Read on for more information on all services we offer at STP or give us a call on 07 3317 0042.

development consulting

  • Feasibility investigations

  • Due diligence reporting

  • Auditing of buildings prior to BA stage to ensure compliance with the approved plans

  • Project management services (e.g. architectural, engineering, surveying networking)

  • Public notification

  • Impact Assessable applications

  • Large referral network of trusted consultants

  • Compliance matters consulting



Traditional building character house

Dwelling Houses

  • Non-compliant (new/extensions)

  • Small Lot (new/extensions)

  • Traditional Building Character (new/extensions)

  • Demolition of Character houses (incl. minor demolition)

  • Secondary Dwellings and Auxiliary Units

  • Three-storey and over 9.5m high (new/extensions)

  • Heritage alterations

  • Biodiversity area overlays (environmental overlays)

  • Shed extensions

  • Building work in a waterway corridor



We offer project management services to our clients for the development approval stage. That includes organising surveyors, engineers, ecologists and any other consultant that would be required to gain approval for our clients.


drone photography

Drone technology

We utilise the latest in drone technology to ensure we give every job the best chance of success.

Multiple Dwelling

  • Townhouse development

  • Apartment development

  • Dual Occupancy

  • Auxiliary Units

  • Row housing

  • Rooming Accommodation (e.g. student accommodation)

  • Retirement facility

  • Residential care facility


Centre Activities

  • Health care services (e.g. medical centres)

  • Veterinary Clinics

  • Office

  • Childcare Centre

  • Service Station

  • Club

  • Shop

  • Food and Drink outlet

  • Educational Establishment

  • Place of Worship

  • Indoor sports and recreation (e.g. gym, crossfit)

  • Function centre

  • Short-Term Accommodation

  • Garden centre


Reconfiguration of a Lot

  • New subdivisions - no subdivision is too small or too big

  • Realignment of a boundary


Industrial Activities

  • Low impact industry

  • Medium impact industry

  • High impact industry

  • Warehouse

  • Marine Industry



  • Response to Show Cause Notices

  • Response to Enforcement Notices